All Rules are subject to change without notice. – Last Edit 5/28/2024

For ALL RULES! We will typically follow a 3 strike type system.

1. Warning in chat

2. Temporary Ban from servers. 24 hours to 1 week depending on offense.

3. Permanent Ban from servers and discord.

We also have a recorded strike system to remove and ban toxic players and rule breakers.

Bans can be appealed via email to

In some circumstances we may skip immediately to a permanent ban.

These rules apply to all members including our admins.


1. DO NOT RAID until it has been released.

2. Tribe Name will always be: RAID BASE

3. Once released you may raid the base even if the raid base team is offline UNLESS specified otherwise in discord.

4. If you are NOT in discord, DO NOT RAID THE BASE EXCEPT if an admin confirms it is open (note: Star MUST be next to their name) or you email to confirm the raid base is open.


Rules in Black and punishments will be in red.


Core Rules:

§   Impersonating an admin is strictly prohibited.

·         You will be banned immediately. No appeal permitted.

§   NO BEGGING for Items or Dinos: If the admin offers you may specify. Until the item or dino is provided they can choose not to give it to you.

·         1st offense Warning, 2nd offense 24 hour ban. 3rd offense perma ban.

§   NO Verbal Abuse.

·         Harassment

·         Racism / Protected Statuses

·         1st offense warning, 2nd offense 24 hour ban. 3rd offense perma ban.

§   We understand that these are adult servers. For the most part try and keep things at a PG-13 level. We know when things happen in game and people get upset. Please keep it minimal and any such terms should not be focused on a player.

·         If aimed at a player will follow verbal abuse. If not aimed at a player we may issue a warning if we feel excessive, if a warning is issued then the next offense is a 24 hour ban and then the following would be a perma ban.

§   You may NOT share content that glorifies or promotes suicide or self-harm, including any encouragement to others to do so.

·         You may NOT tell any player to Kill themselves or KYS.

·         You may be banned for the first offense permanently.

§   Respect all Admins and players.

·         1st offense warning, 2nd offense 24 hour ban. 3rd offense perma ban.

§   If you see something against the rules or something that makes you feel unsafe, let staff know. We want this server to be a welcoming space!

§   If you have a complaint about the Ark servers, admins, or discord, DO NOT POST IT IN CHAT! Instead email so it can be addressed by leadership.

·         1st offense warning. 2nd offense 24 hour ban in game or 24 hour time out depending where offense is. 3rd offense perma ban.

§   Friendly banter is acceptable as long as both parties are aware it is just simply friendly banter. If a player asks for the other to stop, it must stop immediately. If no request to stop occurs, we will presume you are ok with the banter.

·         1st offense warning, 2nd offense 24 hour ban. 3rd offense perma ban.

Misc Rules:

§   Log off on a bed. If you die due to that a player dragged you to the water or you fall through map and die then your items will not be replaced. Your bed protects you. Please use it. Note: If you can’t open stuff away from base then go to bed and teleport to another bed. If we catch anyone with proof of dragging to water, we will ban first offense.

§   We do not compensate for game bugs, corruption of data, glitches, and such as it is outside of our control, and it happens way to often. We may make exceptions at our discretion.

Anti-Toxic Section:

§   Toxic behavior gets a 2-strike policy. 1st is a first and final warning. 2nd is a perma ban from Legion Gaming. This applies to any toxic behavior although the below rules in this section may have alternate paths.

§   PVE Stealing: If the dino / item is NOT yours – DON’T TOUCH IT. It does not matter if its on the ground. If it is not yours, DO NOT PICK IT UP. If you are offered the item, you can take it, but if its just there, let it sit there. This also includes eggs. If you pick items / dinos / eggs up, you will be subject to a ban for 24 hours 1st offense and perma ban 2nd offense.

§   NO PVP on PVE – This is a perma ban first offense. If you are caught killing someone (or admit to it (even if you didn’t)) you will be banned. Exception: Tribe War, If you do a tribe war you are excluded from this HOWEVER after the tribe war both tribes and all players involved MUST be freed from any kind of cage preventing them from normal play.

§   PVP Tribe Stealing – Do not invite someone to your tribe to steal their items / dinos / structures. This will result in an immediate ban permanently.

§   NO Meshing / Mesh Raiding on PVP. We will issue a first and final warning on the first offense. After that it will become a ban from game and discord.

Discord Specific Rules:

§   No spam or self-promotion

o   server invites, advertisements, etc

o   This includes DMing fellow members.

o   First offense, message deleted and 1 hour time out. 2nd offense, 24 hour timeout and message deleted. 3rd offense, banned in game and on discord.

§   Do not DM or TAG the owner. You can tag IF you are replying to owner OR if you received permission. If asked you a question, it is implied consent.

o   First offense, message deleted and 1 hour time out. 2nd offense, 24 hour timeout and message deleted. 3rd offense, banned in game and on discord.

§   Need Help? Open a ticket or use @staff to request assistance in chat. Remember if you open a ticket to post the information requested in the ticket. You can also email for help. Never tag any staff member specifically when you need assistance.

§   Please use your in game / console name as your discord name.

o   We will manually update you to your in game name or rename you to whatever we feel like if your name is offensive.

§   No offensive or sexual messages, images or nicknames.

o   First offense, message deleted and 1 hour time out. 2nd offense, 24 hour timeout and message deleted. 3rd offense, banned in game and on discord.

§   No Gory, Sexual, or Scary content - Screamer links, porn, nudity or death.

o   First offense, message deleted and 1 hour time out. 2nd offense, 24 hour timeout and message deleted. 3rd offense, banned in game and on discord.

§   No DDOS threats

o   Ban for first offense.

§   No disrespect or spam @ staff

o   First offense, message deleted and 1 hour time out. 2nd offense, 24 hour timeout and message deleted. 3rd offense, banned in game and on discord.

§   No racism or homophobic slurs

o   Ban for first offense.

§   No posting any personal information

o   First offense, message deleted and 1 hour time out. 2nd offense, 24 hour timeout and message deleted. 3rd offense, banned in game and on discord.

§   No NSFW content except for in NSFW channels

o   First offense, message deleted and 1 hour time out. 2nd offense, 24 hour timeout and message deleted. 3rd offense, banned in game and on discord.

§   No leaking or threatening to leak someone’s IP

o   Ban for first offense.

§   Follow Discord's TOS and Guidelines



Boosted Rules

Ark Cluster Rules:


§  Your name should be appropriate for your character and your tribe.

o   We will rename you or your tribe to a name of our choosing. If the name is racist or homophobic you may be subject to an immediate ban based on name. If you change the name back on the tribe it will result in a ban.

§  You MUST name your character. Do not use Human or Bob. If you fail to name your character, we will rename you to a name of our choosing.

§  You can open a ticket to have your name changed to something you prefer if we rename you or if you forgot.

Restricted Names - Should not use as name or even as part of name


§   Staff

§   Legion Cluster

§   Legion Gaming

§   Legion Live

§   Any other name you know to be staff. If you have previously been warned, you will be banned. If previously not warned, we will issue a warning and require a name change.

 The above names are staff tribes and falsifying you are a staff member by using any of our tribe names will result in an immediate and full tribe wipe.

PVE Game Play

§  Dinos are not permitted to be in turret mode announcing players. Example is when you fly along and get that pesky message of Tek Parasaur has detected you. Doing so will result in a red gun to the dino with no warning and no replacement.

§  We manage activity using flags. You must have the monthly color flag, or you will be wiped without warning.

§  Additionally, auto decay is active in order to help manage automatic wiping in the event the base is not found.

§  Please note that if you are offline over 13 days that once you have been offline for 14 days or more, you may be subject to wipe. You may notify us to be granted more time.

§  An admin may enter your tribe to keep it active for VIPs upon request as long as VIP is maintained or LOA is less than 90 days and you are VIP prior to LOA.

PVP Game Play

§  You may cage or Handcuff during a raid but must release within 1 hour of the raid end. If you are the person caged, you may open a ticket and you will be released after 1 hour as long as the raid is not currently in progress.

§  You may not PVP an admin while they are doing admin duties. – They will let you know and provide 1 warning to stop. If you continue after that, you will be banned.

§  Tribes must have a member online on the map every 5 days in order to be considered active. If you will be offline for over 5 days you must inform the admin team or your base will be wiped. Example: If you only play on Saturdays and Sundays, you would need to let us know. Note to players: Reporting such bases will NOT permit you to get loot therefore you may wish to raid it instead.

Admin Abuse

§  You may NOT call admin abuse in public chats. If you suspect an admin is cheating, you must either email OR open a ticket in discord. If you discuss in public chats, you will be banned EVEN if the admin was inappropriately using powers.

§  Please note someone IN an admin state does not automatically mean abuse. If they are not attacking / raiding you or looking for your base, it is NOT abuse. Some admins like to watch a raid happening just to see who wins. If the admin sits back and does not help either side, it is not abuse. If they decide to help, they are not permitted to use powers.

Stores and Purchases

§  Admin Store uses in game store credit and Donations for purchases.

§  Player Stores are not permitted. Players can trade for dinos or resources however are not permitted to SALE for store credit or cash. Cash is all forms and currencies. Also not permitted for discord currency. This includes digital methods of sending cash. Players running a store or trading for any form of currency including store credit will be subject to a 1st and final warning and then if continued a ban. Additionally, resources cannot be used as a currency. It is a trade, not a sale. If you do not need the resource, it would be treated as a sale.

§  When making a purchase, please have all details ready and be available for immediate fulfillment if an admin is available.

o   Once an admin goes to fill your order all details are considered final, and any other items will be required to be on a new purchase.

o   Please collect all items you want together to help make it easier on our team to fill the order.


§ When using an ocean platform, you are limited to 2. (Doubled for VIPs)

§ 1 can be used for your building(s) and 1 for your dinos.

§ Ocean platforms can only be used for the main base. (Can be used as part of base for PVP)

§ Additional are permitted within a cave if you own the entire cave as long as excessive latency is not created.

§ If excessive latency you will be asked to reduce.

§ If beyond the limit you may face the additional being removed by admin with or without warning. If a warning is provided, you will have 3 days to comply.

§ When using cliff platforms, you are limited to 2 if with a main base on the land. The limit is increased to 4 if your base is ONLY on the platforms. It is ok for your dinos to be off the plats. It is also ok to use a small number of gates to protect your dinos IF a dangerous area.

§ Max 1 water pen for water dinos. (Only if your main base is near water. If you do not live near water, you are expected to cryo water dinos.) Having additional would result in their removal.

§ Max 1 Additional base (2 for VIPs) for your choice of:

§ Mobile Raft base

§ Mobile Dino base (Land or Water)

§ Teleporter Base

§ Additional would be removed without warning.

§ Each building should fit the purpose and the tribe size.

§ Additional base privilege can be purchased from the store and MUST be purchased for the remainder of the season if purchased.

§ No bases should exceed 1 behemoth high at any time. Any that do will be asked to downsize within 3 days. Failure will result in us red gunning everything above the level.

§ Cloning Machines are not craftable or may be disabled. If sold by owner, those who purchased from owner can use.

§ Cloning Machines CANNOT be taken from season to season.


o   All obelisks

o   Any dino trench

o   Any spawn point

o   Genesis 1 volcano

o   Genesis 2 bridges

o   Genesis 2 city ratholes

o   Crystal Isles beehive cave

o   Valguero Temple/Button cave

o   Valguero abberation entrances/exits

o   Any mini bosses (lava golem etc)

o   Punishment : warning/structures removed - ban if built again


o   Any form of mesh, KO, bed, campfire/chair, grapple, tek punch/leggings pela ratholes or any other exploit entrance

o   Punishment: warning - ban if not solved in time

§ Use Large Walls wherever possible.

§ Stone and Greenhouse are very laggy. Use of too much of these materials may result in poor performance for yourself and others.

§ If you are asked to change to metal/tek or downsize due to latency issues, you will have 3 days to comply. Failure to do so will result in our downsizing it for you which may result in things being lost. If minor, we may allow 7 days. If major, you may be downsized without notice. If extreme, you may be wiped without notice.

§ Not permitted to block spawn zones. If blocking any spawn point you may see a hole blasted to release the person and you will be asked to move within 3 days. Failure to comply would result in wipe. If a major spawn location we may immediately wipe your base without warning.

§ PVE ONLY: Not permitted to block artifacts.

§ PVE ONLY: Not permitted to block explorer notes.

§ Tek Generators: Show Range MUST be turned off.

§ You are not permitted to pillar / foundation / random block spam.

§ PVP Exception: You can spam within render distance of your base OR from cave entrance if the entire cave is your base. Outside of render will result in removal of excess spam and if continued will result in tribe wipe.

§ Note: Excessive spam will result in immediate full tribe wipe without warning.

§ No building within proximity of an obelisk or terminal or Community event structure.

§ When building near another tribe, do not block potential expansion of other tribes. If complaints come in that you and your base are built too close, you will be told to relocate your base.

§   When building your base, all parts of your base MUST be in render distance from any building of your base. There is some latitude if for example you are taking over an entire cave. (The cave can only be blocked if no explorer notes inside IF PVE.)

·         If not in compliance, you will be asked to downsize within 3 days. Otherwise we will manually wipe buildings /structures to bring you into compliance.

§ Public Teleporters: Do not mesh any part of any teleporter set to the public. If a player gets stuck as a result, we will destroy your teleporter without replacement.

§ Do not paint teleporters.


§  When offline you must only have no more than 20 dinos out.

o   Exception: PVP - We understand that your dinos may be out for the defense of your base.

o   Penalty: 1st time we will cryopod them and warn you. 2nd time we will confiscate the extra dinos, 3rd time we will dino wipe your tribe. 4th offense full wipe. If occurs again, will be banned.

§  When online, you should only have the dinos out that are needed for what you are doing.

§  No more than 10 graphic intensive and limit to 1 extra large dino out per tribe.

o   We will red gun any extras.


o   1st Offense we may optionally turn off your breeders or kill the male or female parent to stop the breeding AND take any eggs/babies.

o   2nd Offense will be dino wipe.

o   3rd Offense Tribe wipe

o   4th offense BAN.

§  All dinos MUST be next to your base within render distance except when in use.

o   Any dinos found away from your base will be killed by our admin team without notice.

o   Please do not tame and leave the dino. Once you tame it, please take it with you.

§  If going to be offline for more than a week, please cryopod all tames. Exception PVP


§  Admins do NOT get involved in internal tribe affairs including:

o   § Ownership of items

o   § Ownership of dinos

o   § Members

o   § Insiding (We cannot assist with this)

§  If you are the owner of a tribe and you want to join another tribe, you must either choose a member to become the tribe leader OR merge into the new tribe.

§  If your tribe decides to leave our servers, please let us know and disclose your base locations.

§  Tribe owners are responsible for who they invite. Admins will not be able to get involved.

§  We can recommend permission setups if requested. You can email for help with this.

Merging Tribes

§  When you merge with another tribe, you become responsible for their structures and bases. IF their base(s) would put you over the limits, you are expected to open a ticket within 12 hours and notify us so we can work with you to allow time for you to reduce.

§  If wiped due to violations, it will not be replaced.

Getting Help

§  Email:

§  Discord: You can tag the appropriate staff role in the appropriate chat for your play mode or open a ticket.

o   We do recommend tickets.

§  When a staff member is in game, please keep in mind that they are playing the game, too. Please leave them be unless they volunteer, you have a quick question, or it is an emergency.


Our servers are donation funded. Anything not paid in donations comes from the owner’s pocket personally. We request if you enjoy our servers to donate something monthly. Anything helps. We prefer PayPal.

§  PayPal Preferred:

§  CashApp: $SamuelStockton

§  Venmo: @Samuel-Stockton

§  Facebook: 07sstockton

§  Directly to servers:

§  Apple Pay: 316-250-9516

§  Please use the apple pay number for any of the other methods that request it.

§  Zelle Payments:

o   Samuel Stockton

o   316-250-9516



§  PVE Servers are not scheduled wipes at this time. We are not responsible for corrupt data which causes roll-backs or wiped maps. In these cases we are not able to replace items or dinos.

§  PVP is wipes at the end of each season. Seasons are Quarterly and are wiped on the last day of each season. Anything in upload including dinos, items, and characters will be lost. Anything on the map will be lost. Your characters (as long as they was not in upload) will be able to respawn.


Admin Store

§ Points Store found in game.

§ Donation Store found in discord.

§ Need anything else? Just email us at

§ December 24-31 - Store Closed for PVE and PVP.

§ For PVP the 24th to the end of the season in the 3rd month of each season - Store Closed.


Admin Benefits / Rules

§ Admins are given some latitude in terms of base size and permitted number of buildings / structures.

§ Admins are requested to be VIP at time of application and if possible, maintain VIP III while admin. (If unable to commit $30, minimum of $15 is required per month unless waived by owner.)

§ Admins are permitted 1 additional base per admin. Example: If a tribe has 3 admins, they can have 3 additional bases.

§ Admins may have alternate PSN accounts. Not permitted to cheat in any form on alternate accounts. This is intended so admins can play without others knowing they are an admin. If you find they are, you are not permitted to share that information with anyone. If you share the identity of the admin's alternate accounts, you will be banned for toxic play against admins.