We expect all staff to meet the following requirements:

♦ Monthly Donor: VIP III or higher requested. If you can't donate, that's ok, apply anyways.

♦ Server Booster: Please boost the discord server. You can get 2 free boosts with Discord Nitro. If unable, apply anyways.

♦ Activity = 2-3 hours daily at least 5 days a week.

♦ Age: All staff are expected to be 21+

♦ Admins get 2 store dinos a month.

♦ Admins get 500 Element per month.

♦ Non-Admin staff will receive 2 dinos monthly from admins.

♦ Admins are permitted 1 additional base per admin. Example: If a tribe has 3 admins, they can have 3 additional bases. This does not apply to alternate accounts.

♦ 150% Store Credit for Admin Donation

If approved as a staff member, you will be expected to handle tickets for your server(s) and assist in enforcement of rules. You may additionally be required to assist with events or other admin tasks assigned by leadership.