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Welcome to Legion Gaming!

By playing on our servers or chatting on our discord, you are agreeing to our rules.

Legion Gaming Live - Watch Sam live on Twitch Tuesdays from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm US Central time.

Donate (Store in game or Donation store in discord)

All payments should be in USD!

All Payments should be sent using Friends and Family.

Zelle Payments:

Samuel Stockton




Getting Help

We offer help via email or discord.


You can email help@legioncluster.com for assistance. When e-mailing, please remember to include your in game name, session name, coords, and what kind of assistance is needed. Also provide any additonal info we may need to resolve your request for help. We typically handle and reply to emails within 24 hours under most cases.


You can join our discord at: https://discord.gg/legion

Once in our discord, select the appropriate options for your cluster and then open a ticket. This is the best way of getting help.


Owner: Sam

Exec Directors: Dim Night and Sweat Hog

Boosted Director: Cajungator

Boosted Manager: TheDrRichard

Our Servers

Legion Boosted
Find Legion Boosted using “Legion Cluster” as your search in game.
25x boosted, modded drops, admin store.

Boosted PVE Server List

Legion Cluster PVE Island Insta taming 25x harvest

Boosted PVE Primal Chaos Server List

Legion Cluster PVE Island Insta taming 25x harvest

Boosted PVP Server List

Legion Cluster PVP Island Insta taming 25x harvest

Pricing / Costs

New maps cost:

20 slots $30 monthly | $80 Every 3 months | $300 Annually

50 slots $75 monthly | $200 Every 3 months | $750 Annually

70 slots $90 monthly | $290 Every 3 Months | $900 Annually

100 slots $120 monthly | $320 Every 6 Months | $1200 Annually

If you wish to sponsor a map we request a minimum of 70 slots if possible. (This can also be used to add a second copy of a map)

You can have access 3 days before general public on launch of map to get your base location before anyone else.